Acton Faith Bible Church
Pastor Wayne Wilson, (661) 269-2515
Meadowlark Elementary School MPR
3015 Sacramento Street
Acton, CA 93510

River of Life Acton Foursquare Church
Pastor Corey Lovers, (661) 269-0400
3877 West Smith Avenue
Acton, CA 93510

Acton Group of SGI-USA
Soka Gakkai International
The Buddhist Society for the Creation of Value
For information call Michael or Jackie O'Brien,
(661) 269-1150 or (323) 816-4750 (cell)

Acton Presbyterian Church
Reverend Dr. Teresa Ramsey-McNeil
Interim Dr. Pastor Robert Cassell, (661) 208-8032
32142 Crown Valley Road
Acton, CA 93510

Crown Valley Community Church
Pastor Joel Moore, (661) 269-9504
5734 W. Sierra Highway
Acton, CA 93510

Mountain Home Desert Retreat
Richard A. Kim, President & CEO, (661) 269-1948
6221 W. Sierra Highway
Acton, CA 93510

Acton Seventh-Day Adventist Church
For information, please call (661) 269-1223
32142 Crown Valley Road
(at the Acton Presbyterian Church)
P.O. Box 177
Acton, CA 93510

St. Mary's Catholic Mission Church
Pastor Fr. Vaughn Winters
For more info. call Lisa Smith at (661) 618-9196
High Desert School MPR
3620 Antelope Woods Road
Acton, CA 93510

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