Community Center

Acton Community Center

Photos by Frank Zolnierowicz

The Acton Community Center, located downtown between Smith and Nickels Avenues one block west of Crown Valley Rd., has been the center of local community activities for nearly 40 years. The 2.5 acre site and a small (550 sq. ft.) building were donated to the community in 1955 by the Palmdale Rotary Club. Title is vested in the Acton Community Club, Inc., a non-profit group responsible for its operation and maintenance. The present facility consisting of a 2400 sq. ft. activity center with kitchen, parking areas, and the "Acton Arena" for equestrian events, is truly an example of old fashioned "barn-raising," having been constructed by the community members themselves with donated materials and labor.

Community Center Use of the Community Center is provided free of charge to all local youth groups. Other civic groups pay a fee for their meetings and events. When available, it may be rented to outside groups for private parties.

The Acton Community Club, Inc. also sponsors and promotes many events throughout the year, particularly for the benefit of Acton's young people.

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